The Undelete Company Updates its Flagship File Recovery Tool

The Undelete Company Updates its Flagship File Recovery ToolDecember 17, 2011 — The Undelete Company updates Hard disk drive Recovery Professional, the companys top quality file recovery tool. The brand new update grows the amount of file types based on PowerSearch and LivePreview calculations, permitting the tool to recuperate and preview more kinds of documents from badly broken, repartitioned and formatted storage media. The recently added formats include files created by latest versions of popular desktop and mobile office tools, several exotic digital picture and music formats, and many additional video containers. Product??s Web site consists of full listing of supported formats.

Hard disk drive Recovery Professional offers its customers a chance to rapidly recover information from badly broken, corrupted, inaccessible and formatted disks. The tool offers two unique calculations that place the tool consistently in front of the competition: PowerSearch and Live Preview. PowerSearch offers a chance to locate known file types by their characteristic signatures even when the file record no more seems within the file system. LivePreview is really a convenience feature permitting the customers to determine live previews of supported file types prior to the recovery is created.

PowerSearch and LivePreview rely on a database of known file formats provided with every installing of Hard disk drive Recovery Professional. With the addition of more file types in to the database, The Undelete Company offers Hard disk drive Recovery Professional customers a chance to consistently recover more kinds of files, particularly individuals produced within the latest versions of desktop and mobile office conditions.

About Hard disk drive Recovery Professional
Hard disk drive Recovery Professional enables computer customers without previous experience of file recovery to effectively repair logical damage on their own hard disk drives and memory cards or unerase erased files inside a completely automatic manner. The merchandise includes intuitive wizard-like interface you can use by even unskilled computer user. Hard disk drive Recovery Professional automates the entire process of file recovery, permitting undoing damage triggered by accidentally formatting the disk or removing files.

The proprietary PowerSearch engine prioritizes the recovery of office documents, ZIP and RAR archives, and digital pictures in a variety of formats over other kinds of files, making certain priority handling of user??s work and information. The PowerSearch engine accesses the disk in low-level, checking its surface sector by sector and matching this content with some pre-defined designs to be able to identify the start and finish of every identifiable document. This, consequently, enables Hard disk drive Recovery Professional to uncover and effectively restore files that might be otherwise irrecoverable.

Hard disk drive Recovery Professional creates all versions of Home windows, supports all revisions of Body fat and NTFS file systems, and rebounds all kinds of storage media including hard drives, SSD drives, exterior drives, memory cards and expensive drives.

Demo version of Hard disk drive Recovery Professional can be obtained like a download free at

The Undelete Company is an expert in manufacturing of information recovery and disk restoration solutions. The organization constantly researches its target area, presently focusing on renovation of broken files in a variety of formats. The Undelete Company provides the entire spectrum of software items to recuperate erased files, broken file systems and corrupted disks and partitions by customers, SOHO and corporate clients.