Two Data Recovery Forums

If you are not good at data recovery fileds maybe you need some tips for looking for info on forums. Here i pick up two forums for you and wish you can get what you want

1. HDD GURU Forum (Total members: 14726)


Data recovery and HDD repair discussions forum. Here you can study lots of knowledges about hdd repair and data recovery, also you can post for a help when you meet a trouble. Many professional gays can be meet on this forum.

Readers on HDD Guru Forum:

United Kingdom 14.7%
United States 10.0%
India 7.8%
Italy 5.2%
Sweden 3.8%
Russia 3.7%
Spain 3.1%
Mexico 3.1%
Ukraine 3.1%
Indonesia 3.1%

2. Tek-Tips Data Recovery Forum (Total members: 7924)


General Data Recovery discussion technical support forum and mutual help system for computer professionals. This is also a professional forum where your hdd problems will be solved by pro hels.

Readers on Tek-Tips Data Recovery Forum:

United States 22.9%
India 13.9%
United Kingdom 6.7%
Germany 3.5%
Italy 3.3%
Canada 2.8%
Australia 2.6%
France 2.4%
Spain 2.1%
Indonesia 1.9%