Top 5 Must Have Tools for Data Recovery Business

Data Recovery Tools If you just want to start your data recovery business, hope this article will bring some inspiration to you. Here I recommend 5 useful tools to you. These tools can give big help to your recovery business:

1. In many cases, when we received the hard disks from our clients, we found the hard disks had damaged. Most of the performance is firmware corruption, so you should repair the firmware to recovery the data.  Now you need a professional tool. I recommend the most popular tool – PC3000 System.

2. Disk Imaging tool. When we receive the data recovery cases, we should first image the data and back-up to protect the data from further damage in data recovery process. Usually we receive some hard disks which have many bad sectors, so you should choose a powerful data image tool which can image the data from the hard disks which have the serious bad sectors. Such as DeepSpar Disk Imager

3. After the back-up the data, we should recover the data from the hard disk.  Most of the cases are logical problems, such as inexperienced & operation error, virus cause, software program malfunction, forget the password, etc. Towards these problems, you just need a data recovery software, as Recovery My files, Easy Recovery, etc.

4. We also have the experience with drive clicks or drive spin motor get stuck or burnt. Now we should replace some hard disk accessories, such as replace the platters, electrical motor, etc. If you are the non-experts, you should find the help from some useful tools. The best hard drive repair tool I recommend is HD HPE PRO.

5. Last, If your company have the interest in  Raid Recovery Business which can bring double profits to you. Be sure, the premise you should have the professional skill and a powerful raid recovery tool. The tools you can choose: Getway Raid Recovery, RAID Reconstructor, etc.

When you own the above tools, you will have the potential to be a top data recovery company in this field. However, the competition in this field is highly, so I believe the good faith and the high efficiency should be the tools you must have.