Error Messge: "DISK BOOT FAILURE".

Disk Boot Failure Problem:
Error Messge: “DISK BOOT FAILURE“, while booting the system.

There are several causes for this error message. The boot sequence may not be properly set in the system BIOS. Another cause is the presence of non-bootable media in the floppy or CD-ROM drives. The drive may not be properly configured or detected in the system BIOS. Incorrect Jumper Settings or a defective IDE cable may also be responsible.


  • Make sure that your boot sequence is correctly set. Generally, you should set the boot sequence to boot to the floppy drive first, then the hard drive, and the CD-ROM drive last.
  • Check your floppy drive and CD-ROM drive for media and remove any that you find.
  • Verify that your drive is properly detected in the system BIOS.
  • Verify that your Jumper Settings are correct.
  • Power off the system, replace the IDE data cable and try to boot again.