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Hard Disk Drive Free Asked Questions

How to find drive’s serial number & model number in MacOS X

Choose the Apple from the menu. Choose About this Mac. Choose More Info… Choose the drive type: Serial ATA Highlight the appropriate drive listed under the bus. Below you will see the model and serial number of the highlighted drive.

How to find drive’s serial number & model number in MacOS X

Frequently asked questions:

Can I update the firmware on my hard drive if it is installed in a Mac?

Yes. However, it must be an Intel-based Mac (i.e. MacPro and …

Set drive size with SeaTools for DOS

Some motherboard BIOSes limit your internal drive’s capacity. SeaTools for DOS can reset the capacity.

The ability to "Set Capacity" is a feature in SeaTools for DOS that will instruct the selected hard drive to report a size smaller than its true capacity during boot. The feature allows older systems with a BIOS limitation to boot with the drive in the system instead of locking up or freezing during the …

Large Cluster Sizes Waste Disk Space

Cluster, cluster size, and slack

Large Cluster Sizes Waste Disk SpaceThe filesystem does not keep track of the disk space allocation (what space is used for which file and what is free) down to the byte level. That would require too much maintenance. Instead, the disk space divided into equal blocks called clusters. The filesystem then allocates disk space cluster-by-cluster.

This reduces the amount of overhead involved in tracking what is where, but also creates …

Hard Drive Clone

How do I clone my drive so that the new drive works 100% exactly like the old one? I have never learned anything on the HDD besides using it. Some people say I have to reinstall windows if I disk clone, some people say it’ll work exactly like my old HDD. Can anyone explain in detail how to clone?

hard_drive_cloneBacking up your data is a great way to safeguard against …

How to Upgrade a Laptop HDD with Solid State Hybrid Drive (SSHD) Technology

upgradelaptopdriveDo you have a late model laptop computer that is either out of space or doesn’t seem to deliver the performance you’re looking for? You can breathe new life into your computer and increase your performance without having to purchase a brand new laptop. A relatively new and exciting storage technology has come to market which will solve space/performance issues. It’s called Solid State Hybrid Drive technology or SSHD.

What …


1/ What is a TVS diode and what does it do?

A TVS (Transient Voltage Suppression) diode works by clamping voltage spikes. It protects a sensitive circuit by diverting damaging overvoltages and spikes away from the load. If the overvoltages are of sufficiently short duration (< 8usec), then the diode will recover and continue working. However, if the diode is subjected to a sustained overvoltage, then it will sacrifice itself …