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Evil blackmail virus

The history of the most evil blackmail virus, computer information is completely damaged

Blackmail virus will disk images, documents, video, compressed packets and other types of information forcibly encrypted, resulting in the file can not be properly opened. The outbreak of the blackmail virus, including ONION and WNCRY two, respectively, the disk files will be tampered with. Sonion and .wncry suffix, the amount of extortion of the virus up to …

How to Back Up Your PC

These days, more and more people are using computers to store memories, important documents, and various other bits of information that may need to be kept for long periods of time. Backing up a PC is essential for keeping long term (or even short term) documents around.

Whether you accidentally delete a file or lose a bunch of your data to a hard drive crash, regularly backing up your PC …

Seagate Unveils New New R&D Hub In Korea

On Feb. 20, 2013, Seagate unveils its Seagate Korea Design Center, dedicated to developing advanced 2.5-inch hard drive solutions and small form-factor products for the mobile compute market.

The new R&D Hub is located at Gwanggyo New Town, Gyeong-gi Province, is a seven-story, 26,000 square-meter building. Seagate has invested US$ 136.5Million (Approximately KRW 142.34Billion) in the Korean R&D hub and plans to continuously expand its investment. Seagate hired an additional …

Solutions For Enterprise Flash Storage by Seagate & Virident

Seagate and Virident announced a strategic agreement to jointly deliver solutions for the growing enterprise flash storage market. Under the agreement, Seagate will immediately offer a complete line of flash-based PCIe solutions to its OEM and distribution partners. In addition, Seagate and Virident intend to leverage their mutual strengths to create next-generation hardware and software solutions for the solid-state storage market. In conjunction with the agreement, Seagate has made a …

Online Backup for Small Business

You’ve heard it thousands of times — backup your data. A good data backup strategy is to have two copies of your data – one local (it resides in your office or place of business) and one offsite (you pay an online data company to store it remotely on their secure servers).

Online backup is now a must have for all computer users, as we now live in a digital …

Gigabyte to Terabytes

For fun, here is a comparison of some old storage media with something in our data recovery lab right now.


On the left is an IBM 3380 ‘direct storage access device’ circa 1980. Capacity: 1 GB. On the right, a RAID recovery on one of our lab workbenches, set up in a couple of storage cases. Capacity: 48 TB.

The cases and the old IBM device are about the same …