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Tool for your Mac: MacKeeper

MacKeeper, an easy way to manage routine tasks and keep your Mac secured, clean and running fast!

MacKeeper Main Features:

1. Internet Security Protect your Mac from all kinds of Internet fraud.

With the Real-Time Safe Browsing feature you can surf the Internet without worries as all malicious websites will be blocked automatically.

For extra security and your convenience you can manually create lists of potentially dangerous websites to be …

How to Make Custom iPhone Ringtones for Free

Iphone Ringtones You don’t have to pay for your songs twice to get a ringtone. There are many songs in your music library, but no way to make ringtones from any of them. Actually, with a little bit of trickery (nothing illegal) you can create ringtones from any of your non-DRM songs in your iTunes library easily, and for free. This works on both Mac and Windows PCs.

1. Open iTunes 2. …

IPod Touch Troubleshooting Assistant

Is your iPod touch frozen or not operating as expected? These tips will help you resolve most common issues.


This screen means to keep iPod touch connected so it continues charging. Note:

Use a high-power USB port such as the one on your computer, or use your iPod touch AC adapter. Don’t use the USB port on your keyboard because it is a low-power port and iPod touch will…

Iphone Recovery Mode

We all know that restoring the iPhone using iTunes is a troubleshooting lifesaver as it helps resolve most of the documented errors on the iPhone faced so far, especially important if you have tried one of those iPhone hacks which has caused your iPhone to behave abnormally. However, what does one do when restoring itself does not work, there is no reason to panic, as here is an iPhone tip …

How to Fix An iPod?

Being an iPod owner is a wonderful thing! It is no wonder that they are the most popular MP3 players on the market.

You can’t even walk down a busy street without seeing iPod headphones in someone’s ear.

Even though so many people own iPods, it can still be hard to operate them sometimes. Sure they have an easy interface, but it can certainly be helpful to have an online …

Download Music to an Ipod?

Because of the popularity of the iPod there are so many softwares that can be downloaded for free that allow you to download music to an ipod.

There are also so many websites offering not just software but audio and video for ipods. But of course the easiest way to download music to an iPod is still to use the iTunes that is bundled with the gadget.

You can either …