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Evil blackmail virus

The history of the most evil blackmail virus, computer information is completely damaged

Blackmail virus will disk images, documents, video, compressed packets and other types of information forcibly encrypted, resulting in the file can not be properly opened. The outbreak of the blackmail virus, including ONION and WNCRY two, respectively, the disk files will be tampered with. Sonion and .wncry suffix, the amount of extortion of the virus up to …

Replace the PCB on the hard disk method

You can replace the printed circuit board on your hard disk if the old corrupted or damaged. They offer by companies hard disk manufacturer. Contact the manufacturer to get the chlorine required for the hard disk drive. Use the following steps to replace the PCB. Here are the steps that must be followed:

The first thing, you need to select the correct chlorine. So you need four things to match …

Seagate Community Forum Closed

Dear Seagate Community User, We did want to inform you that the Seagate Community forums were permanently taken down on October 7, 2015.  All posts and discussions will be inaccessible. For any future Support questions, please utilize our other support offerings found at Regards, Seagate Customer Technical Support


Email Support

Get your questions answered by submitting an email case.

Contact Seagate

Get contact numbers for product support and sales. …

Spooky Storage Savings for Seagate Drives

Spooky Storage Savings for Seagate Drives1. Backup Plus Fast Portable Drive

The Seagate® Backup Plus Fast Portable Drive performs at up to 2× the speed of other portable hard drives, delivering some of the fastest data transfer speeds—up to 220MB/s.

The highest capacity 2.5-inch portable hard drive on the market Share files between PCs and Macs Tough, metal design for everywhere portability The Seagate Mobile Backup app allows you to back up your content directly…

Solid State Hybrid Drives take game play to a whole new level

SSHD, the speed you want, the capacity you need. All in one drive. BOOT FASTER. LOAD FASTER. SHOOT FASTER.

Size matters

No need to sacrifice capacity for performance.

Up to 4TB capacity means more room for all your games Integrated NAND Flash for top performance Download, store and stream everything in your digital library Richer gaming, killer price

Get SSD-like performance and hard drive capacity at a great price.


Samsung Hard Drive PCB Circuit Boards

Samsung Hard drives that do not spin up after the power has been supplied can be diagnosed as PCB failure. Because data recovery service is very expensive, sometimes we would prefer to swap PCB ourselves.

To find a matching replacement PCB, you should find out the PCB number which is etched on the PCB(begin with BF41-), see the following image:

Samsung Hard Drive PCB Circuit Boards SAMSUNG PCB BF41-00332A SAMSUNG…