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CD Optical Storage Glossary of Computer Terms (Letter W)

Warp A special effect sequence of morph images that simulate smooth transitions of dissimilar frames.

WYSBYGI “What You See Before You Get it.” An extension of WYSIWYG interface design allowing the user to view and edit selected smaller areas from a preview dialog box prior to committing special effects with the processing load of only a portion of the entire file.

WYSIWYG “What You See Is What You Get.” A …

CD Optical Storage Glossary of Computer Terms (Letter U)

UART Universal Asynchronous Receiver-Transmitter. An electronic circuit contained within the communications port(s) of the computer that decodes and encodes data in the fashion required by the specific machine for receiving and transmitting purposes. The UART also performs the actual data transmission to the communication device, once it has been encoded and is ready to send.

UPS Uninterruptible Power Supply. A battery reserve system for computer power installed to supply power …

CD Optical Storage Glossary of Computer Terms (Letter T)

Tablet A pressure sensitive input device used in conjunction with a pen to edit digital images.

Touch-screen A display monitor that is pressure sensitive to touch and is often used as a multimedia control instead or in conjunction with a keyboard. Better authoring systems should have touch-screen interface functions built in their software. Touch-screen displays vary widely and can be accomplished with special overlays or can come as integral screens …

CD Optical Storage Glossary of Computer Terms (Letter S)

Scanning The most common practice of encoding real images into digital form Accomplished by use of a scanner which passes an image sensor across the original

Screen grabs Common term for the capturing screen rasterization images and video stills to digital files. Can be preformed with software or hardware, but quality may vary between method used.

SCSI Small Computer System Interface. The abbreviation is pronounced “scuzzy.” A connection that allows …

CD Optical Storage Glossary of Computer Terms (Letter R)

Resampling The practice of interpolating an image of one specification and producing an image of another specification from that interpolation.

Resolution Defines image quality of a display. It refers to the number of pixels available on a display. Resolution controls the level of detail that can be presented on a screen.

Retouch Digital image editing processes used to restore damaged photographs for reproduction

RLE Run-Length Encoding: a data compression technique …