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Glossary of Hard Disk Drive Terminology (Letter Z)

Zoned Recording Increases the number of sectors on the outer tracks of the drive since the circumference of the outside tracks is greater. This type of recording affords more disk capacity because there can be more sectors on the larger outer tracks than would be possible if the number of sectors per track were constant for the whole drive.…

Glossary of Hard Disk Drive Terminology (Letter Y)

Year 2000 Problem, or Y2K The risk that computers will be disabled or perform incorrectly if they read the two-digit abbreviation “00” to mean the year 1900 instead of the year 2000, as intended. The problem is said to have originated when early computer programmers abbreviated year dates to save storage space that was scarce and costly at the time. Western Digital hard drives are designed to be “Year 2000-compliant,” …

Glossary of Hard Disk Drive Terminology (Letter W)

WD CaviarĀ® The trade name for Western Digital’s line of hard drives for desktop personal computers.

WD Enterprise The trade name for Western Digital’s line of enterprise hard drives.

Winchester Disk Former code name for an early IBM hard disk model, sometimes still used to refer to the technology and design of most traditional hard drives.

Windows Microsoft’s series of operating systems for personal computers. Currently popular versions are Windows …

Glossary of Hard Disk Drive Terminology (Letter V)

Value-added Reseller (VAR) Often referred to as a “Var” or “Reseller.” The independent professionals who market computer systems and components and who add value by performing assembly, upgrades, training and other services.

Viterbi Detection An algorithm used in read channel technology that detects an entire sequence of data bits at a time and determines the most likely sequence of data bits by comparing actual sequence of data bit samples with …

Glossary of Hard Disk Drive Terminology (Letter U)

Ultra SCSI Provides 20 MB/s transfers over an 8-bit bus or 40 MB/s transfers over a 16-bit Wide SCSI bus. Also known as Fast-20 SCSI, this feature is most commonly found in SCSI-3 drives.

Ultra DMA/33 A high-speed host data transfer feature that transfers data at 33.3 MB per second.

Un-correctable Error An error that cannot be overcome using Error Detection and Correction.

Unformatted Capacity The total number of usable …