APPLE PowerBook doesn’t recognize 1394 storage

Apple PowerBook My Apple PowerBook laptop suddenly stopped responding. The system freezes. When restarted, it does not recognize any FireWire devices.

Download and install the latest firewire drivers from the Apple Software Updates Web site: Try these troubleshooting tips as well:

  • If a PowerBook computer with a Maxtor 1394 CardBus adapter will not start up, eject the card. Start the computer again.
  • Do not allow a PowerBook computer to sleep while it is receiving digital video. The video input may not continue when the computer wakes up.
  • If a Maxtor CardBus adapter cannot be removed from the desktop, first power down the computer. Press the card eject button to remove the card.
  • If a PowerBook stops responding to commands, and there are no 1394 devices connected, 1394 system resources may not detect after a restart. If this happens, fully power down the PowerBook and restart.
  • If a PowerBook (FireWire) will not operate in Target Disk Mode, fully shut down the PowerBook and then restart.