Can’t partition a SCSI hard drive with FDISK or Disk Utility?

SCSI Hard Drive If you are experiencing difficulty creating a partition on a SCSI disk drive, try these basic troubleshooting steps.

  1. Check all cable connections. Test data cable by trying a different cable or try the cable on a known working drive.
  2. Check the jumper settings.
  3. Check termination.
  4. Check the SCSI controller. Test it by trying a known good controller or a known working drive.
  5. Check SCSI controller default settings. Set the controller to asynchronous negotiation and the transfer rate to 10Mbs (or the slowest setting).
  6. Make this offending drive the only SCSI device in the system and re-test.
  7. Run a SCSI ‘low level’ format routine in the SCSI BIOS Setup Utility.
    Note: This will erase all the data on the drive.
  8. Try the drive in a different system.