Computer Hardware: Resources

  • Tom’s Hardware Guide
    Offers computer hardware news, reviews, articles, instructional guides, and more.
  • Thresh’s FiringSquad
    Hardware and computer game reviews.
  • HardwareCentral
    Contains computer hardware reviews, benchmarks, how-to’s, tips, pictures, features, motherboard guides, and much more.
  • PC Mechanic
    Offers money-saving tips on how to build and maintain your own computer. Includes hundreds of tutorials and reviews.
    Reviews, how-to guides, forums, news, and more.
  • VR-Zone Hardware
    Providing the PC news and technical reviews for IT professionals and hardware ethusiasts.
  • TweakTown
    Articles, guides, reviews, and other resources.
    Hardware news and reviews, forums, CPU database, and more.
  • Hot Hardware
    Includes articles and reviews of motherboards, storage, video products, and more.
  • Hardware Book, The
    Free collection of connector pinouts and cable descriptions viewable online and available for download and offline viewing.
    Offering product reviews, tweak guides, gaming coverage, and video card information for the PC enthusiast.
  • Ace’s Hardware
    Computer hardware reviews, how-to articles, forums, and more.
  • HardwareZone
    Features reviews, promotions, pricelists, and a PC clinic.
  • OCworkbench
    Offers hardware and software news, reviews, forums, and more.
    News, articles, and reviews about digital devices, including personal computers, peripheral devices, digital photo, and video cameras.
    Provides a range of technology news and reviews as well as buyer’s guides for peripherals.
  • Tech Zone, The
    Featuring computer news, reviews, forums, current pricing guides, and more.
    Regularly updated source for hardware and software news, drivers, reviews, downloads, and tools.
  • T-break
    Gaming and hardware site featuring articles, news, and reviews.
    Offering news, reviews, tips, and hardware tweaking advice.
  • Overclocker Cafe
    Includes articles and reviews for overclocking, cooling, and system modifications.
  • Real World Technologies
    In-depth technical analysis, industry news, and online forums for professionals.
    Includes hardware reviews, news, system how-to guides, and more.
    Features news articles, case gallery, hardware reviews, funny PC pictures, and more.
  • Viper’s Lair
    Includes hardware reviews, articles, forums, and more.
    Features a gallery, PC mod forums, reader reviews, news, and more.
  • Sudhian Media
    Offering news, reviews, forums, and articles for computer hardware items.
  • Hardcore Ware
    Offering reviews, forums, downloads, case mods gallery, and more.
  • Icrontic
    PC hardware and software reviews, articles, guides, news and more.
  • Obsolyte
    A personal retrospective of “cool” computing dedicated to vintage computer hardware, classic systems, and workstations or “mainframes.”
  • Hardware Extreme
    Computer news, articles, and reviews.
  • Monster-Hardware
    Garage site featuring news, small reviews, editorials, and humor.
    Hardware news and review site with a retailers directory and price comparisons for computer hardware.
  • BlueSmoke
    Offering reviews, news, guides to modifications and upgrades, forums, and more.
    Offers tips and articles on selecting and installing computer parts.
  • Cheap Computers Guide
    Tutorials on how to build your own computer from cheap computer parts.
  • Active-Hardware
    Reviews of computer hardware including motherboards, graphic cards, processors, and more.
    News, articles, downloads, links, and more about hardware, drivers, and beta software.
    Includes reviews, downloads, forums, news, and more.
    Hardware and software reviews, downloads, news, and more.
  • Build Your Own Computer Tips
    Provides advice on component selection and also includes illustrated, step-by-step instructions.
  • Cheap Computer Parts Handbook, The
    Illustrated step-by-step guide to building your own computer using quality cheap computer components.
    Online inventory of parts for people to exchange with others in their own home town or around the world.
  • Computer Hardware
    Customer reviews, specs, and comparision shopping for computer hardware.
    News, reviews an articles.
  • Computer Workshop
    Advice on how to build your own computer. Includes component lists and product advice.
  • Click & Learn
    A guide to the PC, its hardware, and internal architecture for schools, teachers, IT-supporters, and sales personnel. Excellent for self-study.
  • Group, The
    Includes tech news, forums, user-to-user support, and more.
  • Your Ideal PC
    Features an article for those upgrading their machine or building one from scratch. Details include how to choose the right parts and put them all together.,aid,116993,00.asp
    Offers a step-by-step guide to build and repair computers, as well as links to commercial sites.
  • techGamer
    Offers hardware and software news, reviews, guides, forums, and more.
  • – Systems
    Reviews of desktops, notebooks, PDAs, and more.,cat,1004,sortIdx,3,00.asp
    Features information about the basic components that make a computer system operate.
  • HardwareCentral: Choosing a Computer Case
    Guide to choosing a computer case that discusses important features.
  • SLCentral
    News, articles, and reviews about hardware and gaming.