Free Computer File Management Utilities

Attribute changer
This application is designed to automate mass changes to file and folder attributes. It add’s itself to the context menus for folders and drives. You can establish filters and exceptions to fine tune the search process.

Fast File Renamer
A free program which can help you with the tedious task of renaming large numbers of files. It can be used by anyone who needs to keep large collections of files organized (such as mp3 files, image and graphics files, web-site-related files, system files).

Free dual-pane Windows-Explorer replacement.

Media Convert
Free online media-file converter. Converts sound, video and text files to other formats.

A small free program that makes moving and copying files in Windows 95/98 easily. Once you install it, just right-click-drag any file, and ShellGEM opens a list of the drives on your system. You can then move through an unfolding tree of your system’s folders (no clicking required), and move or copy the file wherever you want.

The Rename
Program that allows you to rename a batch of files simply and quickly with many options.

Total Commander
Not free. A highly recommended shareware Explorer replacement program for Windows. Improved access to your local files through a two-pane interface, convenient access to remote FTP sites, access Zip files as directories, enhanced search, quick view, etc. Much better than the standard Windows explorer.

UnLock IT
Freeware program which enables you to unlock the files that are locked by some processes in your system. For Windows.

xplorer2 lite
Free file manager for Windows.

XXCOPY is a powerful superset of XCOPY using the same syntax. Command-line program for DOS and Windows.