Global Access File Size Limitations

This article provides comprehensive information about the file size limitation of the Global Access service.

The Global Access service limits file size to approximately 2.0 Gigabytes when uploading or downloading files to your Central Axis over the internet.

This built in file size limitation is in consideration of fairness to the rest of the users in the Global Access community.

The Central Axis server is certainly capable of storing files larger than 2.0 Gigabytes on your local network, but trying to transfer large files over the internet makes for a poor user experience.

Example: You’re at an internet cafĂ© on a wireless connection thousands of miles away from your home, and the Global Access service. A common connection speed under these circumstances is 56 KiloBytes per second at best. It would take you 3 days, 13 hours, 13 minutes, to transfer a 2.0 GB file, if you were able to stay connected continuously.

Connection speed and download times will constantly vary depending upon distance from the server, current internet traffic, and how many Gateways, ISPs, Routers, and Switches, you have to pass through to connect to your Central Axis drive.

Internet traffic (rush hour) is generally highest in your area right after everybody gets home from work. This is the time of day everybody checks their email. If you are having trouble connecting, staying connected, or transferring files, try waiting a while before contacting your Central Axis through the Global Access service.

There are currently no plans to increase this file size limit.