Glossary of Samsung Hard Disk Drive (Letter T, U, V, W)

Samsung Hard Drive Glossary TOC
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a radial position of heads over the media (circular ring)

Track following servo (also closed loop)
Control system which reflects if the head is in the correct position over the track, if this isn’t the case, the actuator is instructed to adjust its position (in real time)

Transfer rate
the speed at which the drive sends and receives data from the controller

Thin-film head
an older type head technology, with a single head which reads and writes information (dual function)

Tracks Per Inch, reflects areal density

UDP (Universal Disk Product)
A file system that supports the current generation of CD’s such as CD-RW, DVD-ROM, DVD-Video

USB (Universal Serial Bus)
A common part on Personal Systems that allow compliant peripherals to be integrated into supporting systems

Voice Coil Motor
electro-magnetic positioning motor (actuator). A wire coil is placed in a stationary magnetic field. When current is passed through the coil the resultant flux causes the coil to move

Winchester Disks
early IBM hard disk model, still used as a reference to today’s HDD

WORM (Write Once Read Many)
description for media which can only be written on once