Hard Disk Drive Resource Links (Linux System)

This document describes how best to use multiple discs and partitions for a Linux system. Although some of this text is Linux specific, the general approach outlined here can be applied to many other multi tasking operating systems.

This document describes how to copy a Linux system from one hard disc to another.

This document describes how to rescue your Linux partition if MS-DOS deleted it.

This document explains how to plan and layout disc space for a Linux system. It talks about disk hardware, partitions, swap space sizing and positioning considerations, file systems, file system types, and related topics. The intent is to teach some background knowledge, not procedures.

This document covers how to configure disc drives with more than 1024 cylinders for use with Linux.

This document provides a cookbook for creating a root mounted RAID file system and companion fallback rescue system using Linux initrd. There are complete step-by-step instruction for both raid1 and raid5 md0 devices. Each step is accompanied by an explanation of its purpose. Included with this revision is a generic Linux initrd file which may be configured with a single three line /etc/raidboot.conf file for raid1 and raid5 configurations.