Locate CHS values for older Seagate, Maxtor, or Quantum ATA drive?

What are the Cylinder, Head and Sector values [C/H/S] for ATA disk drive and how to find them?

C/H/S is an older method of identifying drive capacity and tracking the location of data on the drive. The C/H/S method was replaced with the Logical Block Addressing (LBA) when drives transitioned above 8.4 GBytes. If you are attempting to use a drive smaller than 8.4 GBytes then the C/H/S information can be found by searching the Product Finder in the bottom left corner of the Seagate support site.

For drives larger than 8.4GB it is recommended that the BIOS be allowed to automatically negotiate with the drive using the LBA method.

Note: Changing the C/H/S setting in the BIOS can make existing data on a drive unreadable.