Maxtor HDD Firmware Repair Tool 2.0

Maxtor Firmware Repair 2.0 is a programĀ  aiming at solution for typical firmware malfunction of Maxtor 541DX (2B020H1 2B010H1), which may manifest itself as follows:

1. HDD is not identified or identified by its factory alias “Maxtor Athena”;
2. HDD starts the motor and then hangs.

How does Maxtor Firmware Repair 2.0 work?

1. The restoration program will not overwrite the HDD data so it is applicable to data recovery.

2. It provides the users with a most friendly operation interface and it only takes you a few seconds to restore an HDD with typical firmware malfunction.

3. So, after you have this powerful freeware installed, all you have to do is to insert the bootable disk and have the target HDD connected correctly to you IDE slot. In minutes, you could start fixing the defective HDD using this powerful utility by pressing several keys.

4. This free version can only restore typical firmware malfunction of Maxtor 541DX series HDDs but not for others.If you need to restore other series of Maxtor HDD, you can purchase our professional version Maxtor Firmware Repairer PRO.

CD-ROM: Maxtor Firmware Repair 2.0
Floppy Disk: Maxtor Firmware Repair 2.0