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Random Notes and Ideas For Data Recovery

1. Drive goes to sleep, replace the board live 2. Partitions start on Cylinder Boundaries 3. Hard Drives have a Safe Mode 4. You can fix LaCie problems with a Mac mounting them in the system 5. Drives that you plug in that cause windows to Crash – Use Ubuntu to Read Files 6. When problems with MFT then retry smaller blocks 7.…

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Matching Serial Numbers on Hard Drives This link is where I keep track of documentation on how each hard drive needs to be matched for a working donor drive.  I get this any where I can, use it if you can, and if you happen to find something out please let me know so I can add it to the collection!

NOTES: Drives with the same model number can still …

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Slide 4500:  Doing a Platter Swap for a Single Platter

List of items needed: The first step is to get a hard drive as close to identical as the bad drive you have that is a working drive. At the bottom of this paper you will find help about matching hard drives and serial numbers. You need a clean area to work on with as little dust floating around as …

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Slide 4259: Head Replacement Section This is the only section from last year I kept and it is because this is directly related to fixing this click of death problem.

NOTE: If there is only one platter it might be easier to move the platter than to move the assembly. You have to make that choice.

List of items needed: The first step is to get a hard drive as …

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Slide 3791: The cause of the click is from four possible areas, all resulting in the SA not being able to be read.

1.    System Area of the drive cannot be read because the platter is scratched.

2.    The head itself has a problem and cannot read the SA area.

3.    Preamp on Actuator to the Head has gone bad and is not passing the correct signal to the electronics…

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Slide 2840: The GMR (giant magnetoresistive) head is the current head used on most hard drives. This head uses high end physics I do not claim to understand. The only major difference is the way the head has been changed to read perpendicular. The GMR head has four layers, a sensing layer, a conducting layer, a pinned layer and an exchange layer.  It was discovered that if you took two …