Tips For Start A Computer Repair Business

Tips For Start A Computer Repair Business Have you spent countless hours learning how to work on computers? If you have, maybe starting a computer repair business is your destiny. Computer repair businesses can be started with a small amount of capital. While the thought of a low cost business start – up is appealing, computer repair business owners must be experts at troubleshooting software issues, managing business affairs, delivering exceptional customer service and time management.

Step 1: Get certified. Certification is not a requirement to perform computer repairs. However, being certified adds to business credibility. Many customers that come into your computer repair business will not inquire about the certification of you or your staff. However, business clients will often want proof that your small business is competent.

Step 2: Pick a name for the business. The name should state what you do. For example, business names like Computer Doctor or McKinley Computer Repair Shop inform potential customers about your services.

Step 3: Determine your target market. A target market consists of people who are potential customers. Knowing this information allows you to market your services directly to the people that need them. You may choose to pursue business clients or you may decide to market services to the general public.

Step 4: Select business location. Consider your target market. If your customers will be primarily businesses, a location in the city around other businesses would be an ideal location for your computer repair business. However, if your customer base will be homeowners, you may decide to operate out of your home and make service calls when customers contact you.

Step 5: Set repair rates. Determine the hourly labor rates that will be charged for repairs. Shop rates are charged when customers bring hardware to the business location. Field rates are charged when computer repair technicians go to businesses or homes to make repairs. In general, shop rates are lower than field rates.

Step 6: Get business license. Go to your local city hall or courthouse and complete the necessary paper work. You may be charged a small fee.

Step 7: Open the business and begin promoting your computer repair services. Advertise in the local newspaper, on the radio and in any other media that reaches your target market.

Step 8: Treat customers well. Address any customer concerns quickly. Be honest with customers. Do not avoid them when unforeseen problems occur. Doing so will cause you to get a bad reputation.

Prior to setting repair rates, check competitors price list. 🙂

Charging customers for an entire hour of service when only a few minutes are spent repairing minor issues will result in developing a bad reputation and losing customers. 🙂