Samsung Auto Backup FAQS

Q.Samsung Auto Backup FAQS What is Samsung Auto Backup?
Samsung Auto Backup is Bundled software that performs a backup of the PC data to Samsung External Hard Drive. Through the Real-Time Backup or Scheduled Backup, the data can be backed up safely to Samsung External Hard Drive.

When the backed up data are damaged due to a system error or user’s mistake, they can be checked/recovered through the Integrity Check. Also the original data that was stored in the PC can be conveniently recovered when damaged or lost.

Q. Cannot install Samsung Auto Backup.
Check the system you want to install Samsung Auto Backup on meets the minimum system requirements specified in this manual.

Q. How do I perform a manual backup?
Select the backup source and click the “Backup” button on the icon bar. If you are in real-time mode (Auto Run), select “Setup” “Real-Time Backup” from the menu and deselect “Auto Run”.

Q. When I open a backed up file on the backup device, a message is displayed saying the file format is incorrect, or a jumbled file is displayed.
A. The “Compress files” option has been checked in the Backup Settings. The files were backed up using compression. Therefore, the files on the backup device have been compressed/password-protected. Accordingly, when you open the compressed/password-protected file, a message appears saying that the file has an error or the file format is incorrect. To open a compressed/password-protected file, first you need to restore the file using Samsung Auto Backup. For details about how to restore files, refer to “Restoring Backed up Data” in the “Using Samsung Auto Backup” section.

Q. Can I specify more than one destinations as Backup Device and back up the data to these destinations at the same time?
Samsung Auto Backup does not support simultaneous backup to multiple backup devices.

Q. I selected the “Compress files during backup” option and performed a backup. However, only selected files are compressed instead of all files.
Check if some files in the backup source were already backed up. Only files backed up after setting the “Compress” option are compressed. Therefore, the backup data may contain both compressed files as well as uncompressed files.

Q. I’d like to change the backup device. What should I do?
Select “Change backup device” from the “Backup device” submenu of the “Setup” menu, and specify the new backup device.

Q. I formatted the computer and reinstalled Windows. How can I restore backed up data stored on another device?
A. First, you need to reinstall Samsung Auto Backup. Then, run Samsung Auto Backup and select the device that contains the backed up data as the backup device. By doing so, you should be able to use the backup data as before.

Q. Can I connect the Samsung external hard disc containing the backup data to other computers and restore the data? What should I do?
A. Connect the Samsung external hard disc to the computer, and install Samsung Auto Backup. Then run Samsung Auto Backup and select the backup folder of the Samsung external hard disc as the backup destination. In this way you should be able to use and restore the backup data

Q. How do I set a scheduled backup?
There are two different ways to perform scheduled backups. Select “Backup Schedule” in the “Settings Information” window in the lower part of the Samsung Auto Backup window and add a new backup schedule. You can also add your backup schedule in the “Set Schedule” window of the “Set task options” menu.

Q. How do I check the results of a backup, restore, or delete operation?
A. After the backup, restore, or delete operation completes, you can check its results in the task log under “Settings Information” in the lower part of the Samsung Auto Backup window.

Q. I selected the C drive as the backup source. But the backup has failed and the backup log indicates that the program has failed to back up several files.
A. System files in the Windows operating system cannot be accessed for backup. Therefore, these files are not backed up.

Q. I installed and backed up an application. After deleting the application due to a problem, I restored the application from the backup file. But I cannot run the application for some reason. What’s the problem?
Every application has a specific environment for it to be executed in. Samsung Auto Backup is a program that backs up data files. Accordingly, though the files of the application were backed up, the environment for running the application was not backed up. This is why you can’t run the application.

Samsung Auto Backup Free Download (Size : 38.2 MB)

Note: The Samsung Auto Backup program operates only with a Samsung External Hard Drive