Western Digital Hard Drive Families (Part I)

Western Digital Hard Drive FamiliesWestern Digital Corporation (often abbreviated to WD) is the second largest computer hard disk drives manufacturer in the world, after Seagate and has a long history in the electronics industry as an integrated circuit maker and a storage products company. Western Digital was founded on April 23, 1970 by Alvin B. Phillips, a Motorola employee, as General Digital, initially (and briefly) a manufacturer of MOS test equipment. It rapidly became a speciality semiconductor maker, with start-up capital provided by several individual investors and industrial giant Emerson Electric Company.

A) Internal Hard Drives


  • WD Caviar Blue
    Performance and reliability for everyday computing.
  • WD Caviar Green
    High-capacity, cool, quiet, eco-friendly storage.
  • WD Caviar Black
    Maximum performance for power computing.


  • WD Scorpio Blue
    Reliable and rugged high-capacity 2.5-inch mobile storage.
  • WD Scorpio Black
    Desktop-class performance for notebook computers.


  • WD VelociRaptor
    The PC enthusiasts’ favorite 10,000 RPM hard drive is still the fastest, most dangerous carnivore around – now with an ultra-fast 32 MB cache and SATA 6 Gb/s interface and twice the capacity of previous generations.
  • WD S25
    The 2.5-inch WD S25 SAS drives offer the powerful combination of enterprise-class performance and reduced power consumption required for demanding high-performance computing and mission-critical environments.
  • WD RE4
    Massive capacity, 64 MB cache, 1.2 million hours MTBF, and a 5-year limited warranty, WD RE4 drives offer an ideal combination of high capacity, optimum performance, and 24×7 reliability for enterprise applications.
  • WD RE4-GP
    WD RE4-GP enterprise-class SATA drives are designed for power-conscious, large-scale data centers.
  • WD RE3
    1.2 million hours MTBF. Best-in-class vibration tolerance. 5-year limited warranty. Just three of the reasons why WD RE3 drives are the world’s most reliable SATA drives.


  • WD AV-GP
    Power-conserving WD AV-GP drives offer significant power savings and thermally optimized operation resulting in lower cost of ownership and unsurpassed reliability for PVR/DVR, IPTV boxes and media server manufacturers.
  • WD AV-25
    Low power storage engineered to thrive in 24×7 streaming environments.
  • WD AV
    Significant design advances in WD’s hard drive technology, combine optimized AV performance with best-in-class power consumption and thermally optimized operation enabling unparalleled cost of ownership for manufacturers of digital video recording devices.

Solid State

  • WD SiliconEdge Blue
    Solid state drives that will satisfy the most demanding technology enthusiasts and bring a new level of performance and ruggedness to laptop and desktop PCs.

B) Network Products

  • WD ShareSpace
    A high-speed network-attached storage system with capacities up to 8 TB. Perfect for centralizing and sharing data and multimedia files on a small office or home network.
  • My Book Live
    Centralize your photos, music, movies and files on your wired or wireless network for your whole family to access.
  • My Book World Edition II
    Central storage and backup for all the computers in your network and double-safe data protection with RAID mirroring technology.
  • My Book World Edition
    The home network drive that everyone in the house can use, whether they’re on a Mac or PC, to save and share photos, music, and movies on a wired or wireless network.
  • WD Livewire
    Use your home’s electrical outlets to create wired, streaming-ready, high-speed Internet connections anywhere in your home without running wires between rooms.