What Are You Lack To Be The Top Data Recovery Company?

There are lots of data recovery companies in the world. They have the best data recovery softwares, excellent engineers, first-class cleanroom, etc. However, these companies are difficult to become the top data recovery companies like Ontrack, CBL, SalvageData, etc.

Most data recovery companies can exactly diagnose problems of the Hard Disk Drives. And definitely know how to get the data back. Sometimes the problems can be easily resolved by replacing the damaged parts, like exchange the damaged heads, exchange the damaged PCB, repair the firmware, etc. Sometimes the companies can’t finish the easy operations. Because they don’t have the matching HDD accessories in hand.

If you also encountered these problems, please don’t worry now. We can offer all of the matching HDD accessories which you want. You just need to contact us and issue your detailed requirements. We can send your required HDD accessories with best price to you in short time.

Excellent working condition PCB Logic Boards:
Maxtor, Western Digital, Seagate, IBM, Samsung, Fujitsu, Hitachi, Quantum and many more Manufacturers.

  • Usual sizes start from 10GB and up to 500GB.
  • Prices start from $8.00 for 20GB, 40GB Drives and up to $50.00 for Top of the line drives.
  • We cannot guarantee your drive to be repaired by replacing the board, but we do guarantee our boards in good working condition.
  • With your request, send us a details of your hard drive. Every info that you will provide about your drive will help us serve your needs better.
  • Min Order: 200 pieces

Please do not hesitate to contact us by Email: info@hddzone.com

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