Hard Drive ROM Chip Swap/Replacement (Video)

Hard Drive ROM Chip Swap/Replacement (Video)Note: If your data is so important, please make sure to look for a professional data recovery firm for recovery.

About Hard Drive PCB

The main purpose of the hard drive PCB is to deliver power to the hard drive, maintain velocity and rotation of the spindle, and manage all inside operations through its firmware. Basically, hdd PCB is the brains of the hard drive that all machinery are closely dependent upon.

Hard drive PCB boards Swap/Replacement, why?

Hard drives that do not turn up after the power has been supplied can be diagnosed as PCB crash. As data recovery service is very costly, sometimes we would prefer to change hdd pcb ourselves.

How to swap hard drive PCB?

Remove the PCB from both hard drives with star screwdriver. Change the damaged PCB with other one. If your HDD still can’t spin or can’t be recognized, you should also change the BIOS chip on it. If there is no similar 8 pins BIOS chip on the PCB, it means the BIOS chip is included to the Main Chip IC,  need some tools to read it from the original pcb and write to the replacement board, or swap the main chip. It is more complex to replace the Main Chip IC than exchange the BIOS chip. You can find a electric shop help you.

You need to change the ROM chip from original board to the replacement board, in order to make the replacement board compatible with your HDD when you swap burned PCB if your PCB have ROM chip.

Where to buy hard drive PCB online?

Online hdd pcb shop such as HDDZone.com provides all kinds of PCB: Seagate, Western Digital, Maxtor, Samsung, IBM, Hitachi and Fujitsu. They can always help you to find the marching PCB for your hard drive.