Linux Document Preparation

addftinfo        Add information to troff font files for use with groff.
afmtodit        Create font files for use with groff.
colcrt        Filter nroff output for CRT previewing.
enscript        Convert text files to postscript.
eqn        Format equations for troff. Compiles descriptions of equations embedded in troff.
geqn        Used to print special symbols and complex equations. Not user friendly.
git        GNU interactive tools.
gitaction        Per file type action script.
gitkeys        Display key sequence utility.
gitmount        Allows any block device to be mounted.
gitps        A graphical process viewer and killer program.
gitrgrep        A recursive grep program.
gitunpack        Used to unpack archive files in a given directory.
gitview        A hexadecimal or ASC file viewer.
grodvi        Convert Groff output to TeX dvi format, normally run by groff.
groff        Used as a front end for the groff document formatting system.
grops        Postscript driver for groff. invoked by groff.
gtbl        Used to prepare charts, multicolumn lists and tabular formats.
hpftodit        Create font description files for use with groff.
indxbib        Make inverted index for bibliographic databases.
lookbib        Search bibliographic databases.
nroff        Emulate nroff command with groff.
pfbtops        Translate a postscript font in .pbf format to ASCII.
pic        Compile pictures for troff or Tex.
psbb        Extract bounding box from postscript document.
refer         Preprocess bibliographic references for groff.
rpm2html        Make an html database from rpm repository.
soelim        Interpret .so requests in groff input.
tbl        Format tables for groff.
TeX        Used to format professionally typeset documents (Chapters, Headings, and paragraphs).
texi2html        Texinfo to html converter.
tfmtodit        Create font files for use with groff.
troff        Formats documents as part of the groff document formatting system.
yacc        A parser generator.