List of 22 Data Recovery Softwares

List of 22 Data Recovery SoftwaresThese are the five common reasons of data loss(Hardware Failure,Firmware Corruption,Logical Error,Accidental Deletion,Operating System Failure.). You should be aware of these things to avoid your data from loss. If you have experienced data loss due to any of the reason, you need for data recovery to recover your valuable data. There are two options of data recovery you have- one is software method and second is hardware.

If your data is lost due to the software problem like logical error, operating system corruption or accidental deletion, then you should use data recovery software to recover and restore your data. Here is a collection of 22 data recovery softwares for you:

1. Pandora Recovery

2. Easeus Data Recovery Wizard Free Edition
Version: 5.5.1,Free,

3. MiniTool Power Data Recovery Free Edition
Version: 6.5,Free,

4. NextBreed Data Recovery
Version: 1.0, Free to try; $64.99 to buy,

5. VirtualLab Data Recovery
Version:,Free to try (10MB of recovered data); $39.95 to buy,

6. EasyRecovery Professional
Version: 6.10, $499.00 to buy,

7. Recover Files
Version: 3.27,Price: Free to try(Limited functionality); $29.95 to

8. File Recovery Assist
Version:,Price: Free to try(Some features disabled); $29.95 to buy.

9. Data Recovery
Version: 2.3.1,Free,

10. Recover My Files
Version:,Price: Free to try (Save-disabled); $69.95 to buy,

11. GetDataBack Data Recovery
Version: 3.3, Free to try (Copy-disabled); $79.00 to buy,

12. PC Inspector File Recovery
Version: 4,Free,

13. File Scavenger Data Recovery Utility
Version: 3.2,Free to try (64KB file size recovery trial); $49.00 to buy,

14. Pen Drive Data Recovery Software
Version:,$45.00 to buy,

15. Moleskinsoft File Recovery
Version: 2.1.1,Free to try (Restores files with size of up to 100kB); $49.90 to buy,

16. Easeus Deleted File Recovery
Version: 3.0.1,Free,

17. R-Studio Data Recovery
Version: 5.3 build 133533,Free to try (64K-file undelete/recovery trial); $79.99 to buy,

17. Easeus Data Recovery Wizard
Version: 5.5.1,Free to try (1-mb size file recovery trial); $69.95 to buy,

18. GetDataBack for NTFS
Version: 4.21,Free to try (Full file recovery disabled); $79.00 to buy,

19. Memory Card Pictures Recovery Restore
Version:,Free to try (Limited file saving); $69.00 to buy,

20. USB Drive Data Recovery
Version:,Free to try (File saving feature is disabled); $45.00 to buy,

21. Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery – Professional
Version: 4.2,Free to try (Recovery-disabled); $99.00 to buy,

22. R-Undelete
Version: 4.1 build 133533,Free to try (64KB-file trial); $54.99 to buy,

Data recovery cannot always be done on a running system. As a result, a boot disk, Live CD, Live USB, or any other type of Live Distro containing a minimal operating system and a set of repair tools is needed.

Knoppix: The original Linux Live CD. It contains many useful utilities for data recovery. SystemRescueCD: A Gentoo based Live CD, useful for repairing unbootable computer systems and retrieving data after a system crash.