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General Data Recovery Knowledges

1. The Frequently Reasons of Data Lose

a) Logically:

Delete; Format;Virus; Be Protected; Partition tab or MBR/DBR Broken;

b) Firmware:

Management Modules:Hard Disk couldn’t work or work well; Data Modules:Data lose or disordered;

c) Physically:

PCB Problem(Print circuit board. Donor PCB can be found on HDDZone.com); Bad Sector; Motor Broken; Platter Scratch or out of alignment; Head Broken or out of alignment; Hard Disk over heated; Other Reasons;

2. Hard…

General Data-Loss Prevention Tips

data-loss The cost of a data loss event is directly related to the value of the data and the length of time that it is needed, but unavailable. Consider:

The cost of continuing without the data The cost of recreating the data The cost of notifying users in the event of a compromise General Data-Loss Prevention Tips

Software and Hardware

Document your systems and archive original copies of your software in…

What Is Data Loss?

Data loss is generally characterized by one or more of the following:

The inability to access any data from a previously functioning computer system or backup The accidental deletion of files or the overwriting of data control structures Corrupted or inaccessible files due to abnormal device operation or damage

Among other causes, data loss can be attributed to system or human error, adverse environmental conditions and device failure:

Human causes…

Data Loss, A Growing Concern For Small Business

data-lossThe growing trend toward bring your own device(BYOD) in the workplace is putting company data at risk, according to a survey by Mozy and Compass Partners. Most (87 percent) small and midsize businesses have no formal policy in place regarding employees’ use of personal devices for work purposes — and 80 percent weren’t even concerned. About 33 percent of companies let employees make their own decisions about how to back …

Fujitsu Data Recovery Services

Data loss can result from many causes. These can include virus attacks, system malfunction, or human error in the handling or installation of the drive. Fujitsu highly recommends that users take standard measures to protect their data, the most important of which are frequent and regular backups, and diagnostic checks of your drives.

The list of Data Recovery Companies below are recognized by FCPA. If you utilize one of these …

Data Loss Risk Will Grow in 2012

“70% of businesses that suffer a major data loss are out of business within 18 months” – DTI

Data recovery and security need to become priorities but there are still significant risks that are largely being ignored.

Writing for Forbes, Kevin West, chief executive officer of Klogix, suggested that data loss is reaching levels so high and costing companies so much that it could start to impact the economy.

While …