Moscow Data Recovery Laboratory

Moscow Data Recovery company is a laboratory specialized in data recovery from any kind of digital media such as: Hard Disk Drive, Flash Drive (USB, SD, MMC, CF, MS, xD, etc.) and RAID systems of all levels. Moscow offers its Clients a unique combination of high quality service, minimum timing of orders and acceptable price.

Moscow Data Recovery Laboratory Services:

  • Recovery of RAID systems on the following controllers: Adaptec, Promise, LSI, Silicon Image, Intel, Mylex, HighPoint, Sunix, Infotrend, EMC;
  • Data recovery from HDD, RAID, Flash, ZIV after fires, floods, mechanical shocks and falls;
    Data recovery from the following file systems: NTFS, FAT16, Fat32, HFS, HFS+, Ext2, Ext3, UFS, UFS2, ReiserFS;
  • Data recovery after: formatting, deletion, logical faults, infecting with viruses, damage of disk storage;
  • Data recovery of the following operating systems: Windows, Linux, Unix, DOS, FreeBSD, Novell, Mac OS;
  • Repair of HDD with the following interfaces: SATA, IDE 2.5", IDE 3.5", 1.8", SCSI;
  • Flash drives recovery and repair of Flash drives of the following brands: Transcend, A-Data, Kingston, Silicon Power, Corsair, Apacer, Patriot, PQI, Super Talent, OCZ, Samsung Pleomax, LG;
  • Recovery of the following HDD brands: Seagate, Toshiba, Western Digital, Samsung, Fujitsu, Hitachi, Quantum, Maxtor, IBM;
  • They are able to carry out data recovery from the hard disks, flash drives, HDD, Flash, RAID systems even after unsuccessful tries undertaken by other data recovery firms.

Why Choose Moscow Data Recovery Laboratory:

  • Data recovery from any kind of storage devices;
  • Time for completion of orders: from 1 to 24 hours;
  • Diagnostics of a storage device is free of charge and provided within half an hour;
  • We are just within 10 meters from metro station Tsvetnoy bulvar;
  • We really have specialized Clean room;
  • Payment for the service is made upon completion and only if the result is successful;
  • We are provided with all the necessary replacement parts and donor storage devices;
  • We have at our disposal the most up-to-date equipment including infrared soldering stations and custom-made program-hardware system;
  • With all the given distinctions we are also keeping the lowest prices in Moscow;
  • We guarantee the complete confidentiality of the information being restored.

Moscow Data Recovery Costs:

Below you can find cost of works table in Russian Rubles for different kinds of storage devices in average range prices.

The final cost is to be evaluated after free storage device diagnostic and to be approved by the customer.

Data recovery from HDD
Storage device diagnostic
free of charge
Copying of the restored data on a disk of the customer
free of charge
Damage of logical data structure (random formatting, file system error)
Damage of file structure(ext2/ext3, ufs/ufs2, hfs/hfs+ и др.)
Damage of Winchester ordering information
Damage of HDD surface (Bad-blocks)
Damage of magnetic head assembly or hard drive commutator 3.5" and 2.5" *
Damage of magnetic head assembly or hard drive commutator 1.8" *
Electrical damage of HDD electronics (burning-out of chip)
Jamming of HDD engine roller *
from 6000
Sticking of HDD magnetic-head assembly *
Removal of HDD password (with information preservation)
from 3000
Data recovery from Flash Drive
Burning out of USB controller
Mechanical damage of Flash
Photos recovery after formatting of photo camera or its malfunction
from 1500
Damage of USB Flash translator
from 1500
Damage of logical data structure (random formatting, file system error)
Data recovery from RAID systems
Data recovery from RAID 1 **
from 2000
Data recovery from RAID 0 **
from 5000
Data recovery from RAID 5 **
from 6000
Data recovery from RAID 10 **
from 5000
Additional price markups
Work with SCSI and SAS disks
Extra urgent working (out of turn, but during working hours)
Working at Clients` presence
Please, contact us

* With no account taken (of)donor disk cost (if it is necessary)

* With no account taken of required arrays hard disks recovery cost if they are damaged

* Prices in Rubles. All taxes are included.