MS-DOS Compatibility Mode Issues

MS-DOS Compatibility Mode Issues The Performance tab in System Properties shows that one or more of the hard disks in your computer is using “MS-DOS Compatibility mode“. MS-DOS compatibility mode may be in use for either the file system or for virtual memory. You may also receive the following message: “Compatibility Mode Paging reduces overall system performance”.

This is not an operating system issue and it is not a hard disk drive error. MS-DOS Compatibility mode may be in use for any of the following reasons:

  • An ‘unsafe’ device driver, memory-resident program, or virus hooked the system interrupt (INT21h or INT13h) chain before Windows loaded.
  • The hard disk controller in your computer was not detected by Windows.
  • The hard disk controller was removed from the current configuration in Device Manager.
  • There is a resource conflict between the hard disk controller and another hardware device. The Windows protected-mode driver is missing or damaged.
  • The Windows 32-bit protected-mode disk drivers detected an unsupportable configuration or incompatible hardware.

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