Western Digital Controller Board burnt

Question: I have a Western Digital 1TB hard disk -32MB cache, details are:

Model: WD10EADS-11M2B2 Date: April 2010 Control Board Number: 2060-701640-007 REV A

I am referring to the number that is etched on the board and not the one printed on the paper sticker on the board.

Problem: The drive is currently not usable because a chip in Controller Board (SMOOTH Motor controller) is burnt and the drive is …

Seagate File Recovery Software

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How to fix hard drive by swapping the PCB board?

1. First, we should judge the HDD’s problem was caused by PCB or not?

HDD can’t spin up. Either no sound or a short, quiet tickling sound can be heard. A burning smell can be sensed coming from the HDD or PCB. Burned components on the PCB. The HDD be connected to wrong power supply. PCB’s interface damaged.

If your HDD has the above symptoms, you can swap PCB to …

How to find drive’s serial number & model number in MacOS X

Choose the Apple from the menu. Choose About this Mac. Choose More Info… Choose the drive type: Serial ATA Highlight the appropriate drive listed under the bus. Below you will see the model and serial number of the highlighted drive.

How to find drive’s serial number & model number in MacOS X

Frequently asked questions:

Can I update the firmware on my hard drive if it is installed in a Mac?

Yes. However, it must be an Intel-based Mac (i.e. MacPro and …

Set drive size with SeaTools for DOS

Some motherboard BIOSes limit your internal drive’s capacity. SeaTools for DOS can reset the capacity.

The ability to "Set Capacity" is a feature in SeaTools for DOS that will instruct the selected hard drive to report a size smaller than its true capacity during boot. The feature allows older systems with a BIOS limitation to boot with the drive in the system instead of locking up or freezing during the …