Recommended 500GB External Hard Drives

Recommended 500GB External Hard DrivesLooking for external hard drives with 500GB capacity? please refer to this guide.

Today’s Storage disks’ capacity upgrade day by day. A few years ago, purchased a 1GB U-disk, you would already feel it was a great capacity and could not expect the 8GB, 16GB U-disks become noting in today. Moreover, the capacity of the external hard drive is extremely huge. You can see 1TB, 2TB’s external hard drives everywhere, greatly eased people’s requirement to massive data transmission. Many manufacturers have launched promotions for this capacity external hard drive. I have collected many promotions information to shall with you. Before you purchase these external hard drives, you can refer:

Seagate Expansion 500GB Desktop External Hard Drive ST305004EXA101-RK
(Model: ST305004EXA101-RK Price: $99.99 Price: $58.19 Form Factor: 3.5″)

Review: “I easily reformatted it with fdisk (to make a Linux partition) and mkfs (to make an ext3 file system) so as to make it friendly with my Linux machine (running Scientific Linux—basically RHEL 5.0), and it works like a charm. It is immediately recognized; all I need to do is to plug in the USB. It is also very quiet.”

Cirago CST4500 500GB USB2.0 External Hard Drive
(Model: CST4500 Price: $59.99 Form Factor: 3.5″)

Review: “I haven’t delved into the accuracy of the advertised specs but it functions exactly as I expected when I made the purchase. I know my system holds it back from full speed performance(laptop HDD not as fast as this thing so copy speeds aren’t phenomenal) so that’s not something I hold against it. Actual usable space is something like 460GB but don’t quote me on that. The stand is nice, helps it stay cool I s’pose. Speaking of which, I’ve had ZERO heat problems after the year or so I’ve owned and used it.”

Seagate Expansion 500GB USB2.0 External Hard Drive ST905004EXA101-RK
(Model: ST905004EXA101-RK Price: $89.00 Price: $59.99 Form Factor: 2.5″)

Review: “Acceptable transfer rate over USB 2.0, doesn’t need an external power source, extremely portable.”

Western Digital My Passport Essential 500GB External Hard Drive
(Model: WDBACY5000ABL-NESN Price: $99.99 Price: $78.52 USB2.0/3.0)

Review: “Fast and easy, runs very cool. Of course I have it on top of my HAF 932, and that big old fan makes sure it don’t even get warm. Can’t beat the price for what you are getting. Disk Image of Win7 Prem, and X/P Home in under 3 Hours start to finish 382 GiGs. Great shipping from the EGG, as they never fail.”

Samsung S2 500GB External Hard Drive HXMU050DA/G22
(Model: HXMU050DA/G22 Price: $103.99 Price: $77.99 Form Factor: 2.5″)

Review: “”Really small, comes with a cable. Some people complain about the cable being small but it is for a reason. With this short cable it allows fast transfer speeds. “

Considerations for External Hard Drives

One drawback to using external hard drives for backups is that they are still relatively new for home computer use. They come with Windows drivers; should Windows fail, you will not be able to access your external drive through DOS. There are DOS drivers available but they can be difficult to find and most manufacturers do not provide support for them. This isn’t a frequent occurrence, just something to keep in mind as you select your external hard drive.