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DataRecovery.net Announces Partnership With Acer America

datarecoveryDataRecovery.net, a subdivision of the ACE Data Group, LLC announced that they have entered into a partnership with Acer America. The partnership allows all Acer support agents to recommend Data Recovery Services for any media recovery needs their customers may have. This includes drives that are under warranty or out of warranty. It adds a new breadth of services previously unavailable to Acer customers. This will greatly increase the level …

General Data-Loss Prevention Tips

data-loss The cost of a data loss event is directly related to the value of the data and the length of time that it is needed, but unavailable. Consider:

The cost of continuing without the data The cost of recreating the data The cost of notifying users in the event of a compromise General Data-Loss Prevention Tips

Software and Hardware

Document your systems and archive original copies of your software in…

Data Loss Risk Will Grow in 2012

“70% of businesses that suffer a major data loss are out of business within 18 months” – DTI

Data recovery and security need to become priorities but there are still significant risks that are largely being ignored.

Writing for Forbes, Kevin West, chief executive officer of Klogix, suggested that data loss is reaching levels so high and costing companies so much that it could start to impact the economy.

While …

Data Backup Glossary (Letter D)

Dark archive A data archive that cannot be accessed by any user. Access to the data is either limited to a set of few individuals or completely restricted to all. The purpose of a dark archive is to function as a repository for information that can be used as a failsafe during disaster recovery.

Data at rest All data in storage excluding any data that frequently traverses the network or …

How to Make Use of the Internet for Effective Data Recovery

backupIf you’ve been reading HD Doctor for some time now you would have come across an article or two on how important backing up your data regularly is and how to do it. I have once played with backing up important data on my computer before and I had to pay dearly for it, I have now learned my lessons and I’ll be talking about that in this post.

It …

The Truth about Data Recovery

The Truth about Data RecoveryComputers can, without a doubt, be complicated beasts; one minute they are doing exactly what you want them to do, and the next they are suddenly going off and doing their own thing.  And before you know it, your computer crashes, leaving you with missing files, an increased heart rate and a bad temper.  But before you’re ready to throw your computer out the window in anger, let’s take a …