Data Loss Risk Will Grow in 2012

“70% of businesses that suffer a major data loss are out of business within 18 months” – DTI

Data recovery and security need to become priorities but there are still significant risks that are largely being ignored.

Writing for Forbes, Kevin West, chief executive officer of Klogix, suggested that data loss is reaching levels so high and costing companies so much that it could start to impact the economy.

While he cites the US as an example, the importance of intellectual property protection and adequate security training are the same for businesses around the world.

Untrustworthy offshore outsourcers, malicious cyber attacks from organisations and governments, a lack of training and the rise of Bring Your Own Policies at work will all make the risk of data loss grow in 2012.

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Causes of Data Loss: Hardware Failure,Human Errors,Virus Attack,Software Malfunction, Natural Disaster and Power Crisis…

“There is little formal training offered in the subject of cyber security. As a result we rely on self-taught hackers to fill these jobs, people who choose to use their talents to do good work with corporations, but could just as easily turn to cyber crime,” Mr West added, warning that without investment in training, the issue could get worse.

This view was echoed by Mark Dampster Centre for Cyber Security who warned that the cost of data loss is “vast”.

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