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Hard Disk Drive Firmware Search Engineer

Hard Disk Drive Firmware Search Engineer As we know, firmware damage is the main reason which causes the hard disk data lose. When we encounter this problem, we should rebuild the firmware first. By this time, we need some professional tools, such as PC3000. (About the PC3000 tool). With the professional tools, we also need to find the matching firmware, so I made this searching tool as below:

You just need to input your firmware model …

Seagate Firmware Update Utility Step by Step

This is a help post for seagate windows firmware update utility which may be downloaded from seagate firmware update pages.

Your drive is eligible for a firmware update?

Seagate Firmware Update Utility Seagate products are run by firmware.  Having the latest firmware can improve performance and or reliability of your product.  Seagate recommends applying new firmware to enhance the performance and or reliability of your drive.

Like any software, firmware is improved over time …

How To Upgrade Firmware On Seagate Serial ATA Hard Drive?

FreeDOS Update Procedure

Firmware Update This is a walkthrough on how to upgrade the firmware on a Seagate Serial ATA hard drive.

(Firmware Update for STM3500320AS, STM3750330AS, STM31000340AS)

Note:  For best results during system startup, it is recommended to disconnect peripherals such as USB storage devices, printers, scanners, etc.

If your keyboard does not respond within FreeDOS, use a wired rather than a wireless keyboard.

Boot up to the CD. Most systems…

Intel RAID Controller: unable to complete the firmware update

I am unable to complete the firmware update; I get a message that the firmware is intact or the system hangs during when entering StorCon

As the BIOS on server boards and RAID controllers are updated, it is possible that some combinations of RAID controller BIOS and server board BIOS do not work together so that updating RAID controller firmware through the normal update process is not possible. A firmware …

Intel RAID Controller: How do I update the firmware?

Firmware can be updated through StorCon. StorCon can be activated a number of ways, including through XROM during POST by pressing <Ctrl> <G> when prompted. Complete instructions for each update method are included in the hardware guide for the RAID controller.

Refer to the resource CD that accompanied the product or to the support website listed above.

A short list of steps to update the firmware using the XROM method …

Harddisk Firmware Download & Update

Harddisk firmware collections, free download and update!

1. Fujitsu Firmware Download 2. Hitachi(IBM) Firmware Download 3. Maxtor Firmware Download 4. Quantum Firmware Download 5. Samsung Firmware Download 6. Seagate Firmware Download 7. Toshiba Firmware Download 8. Western Digital Firmware Download

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