Intel RAID Controller: How do I update the firmware?

Firmware can be updated through StorCon. StorCon can be activated a number of ways, including through XROM during POST by pressing <Ctrl> <G> when prompted. Complete instructions for each update method are included in the hardware guide for the RAID controller.

Refer to the resource CD that accompanied the product or to the support website listed above.

A short list of steps to update the firmware using the XROM method is included here:
Follow the procedure below to update the firmware via the XROM version of StorCon:

a. Download the firmware image, SRC_RXFW, that contains the latest programs and
drivers from the website.

b. Format a 3.5″ HD disk (1.44MB) and copy the SRC_RXFW file onto the disk.
c. With the adapter installed in the system, boot the computer and press <Ctrl> <G> when
prompted. This initiates the BIOS version of StorCon.

d. Select the applicable RAID controller and press <Enter>.

e. If the Express Setup menu is displayed, press <F4> to display the Advanced Setup
menu. Select the menu option “Configure Controller” and press <Enter>. Insert the
floppy containing the latest firmware file into the floppy disk drive.

f. From the “Configure Controller” submenu, select “Firmware Update” and press <Enter>.

g. StorCon automatically searches for the firmware file from the floppy drive, A:\. After
finding the file, StorCon displays the name, description and version of the firmware.
Press <Enter>.

h. StorCon reads and checks the firmware file, then displays a warning. Press <Y> to
confirm the firmware update.

i. StorCon programs the flash eprom.
Warning: Do not interrupt the update process. If interrupted the firmware image in the
Flash may be damaged. If the firmware is interrupted, follow the firmware recovery process
instructions in the next section.

Troubleshooting Guide
12 Revision 1.0

j. After StorCon indicates that the update is complete, press any key.

k. The focus returns to the Configure Controller submenu. Press <Esc> several times to
close the menus and press <Y> to quit StorCon.

l. StorCon detects the firmware update and requires a system reboot. Press any key to

When the update process has completed, reboot the computer for the change to take effect.
During the boot, the system displays the updated firmware version. You can also relaunch
StorCon and select the applicable RAID controller to view its new firmware version at the
bottom of the console (for example, FW:2.34.yy-Rzzz).

You can also use the operating system version of StorCon to update the firmware. Refer to the
Storage Console chapter of the Software Guide for details.