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Samsung Hard Drive PCB Circuit Boards

Samsung Hard drives that do not spin up after the power has been supplied can be diagnosed as PCB failure. Because data recovery service is very expensive, sometimes we would prefer to swap PCB ourselves.

To find a matching replacement PCB, you should find out the PCB number which is etched on the PCB(begin with BF41-), see the following image:

Samsung Hard Drive PCB Circuit Boards SAMSUNG PCB BF41-00332A SAMSUNG…

Samsung Hard Drive PCB Boards Buying Guide

As we know:  Samsung HDD can’t spin; board/chip be burnt; interface broken; etc. These problems are caused by PCB malfunction. Swap PCB of your Samsung hard drives can resolve the problems.

1. Samsung Hard Drives PCB Buying Guide:

For Samsung HDD, just need the donor PCB has the same board number as yours.


Samsung HDD PCB Swap

2. Before PCB Swap you should know:

1. Most PCB’s BIOS chip(ROM Chip) …