Hard Drive PCB Swap

HDD can’t spin; board/chip be burnt; interface broken; etc. These problems are caused by PCB malfunction. Swap PCB can resolve the problems.

The probability of HDD’s other problems are unlikely caused by PCB’s fault. Such as: HDD can spin, but can’t be recognized; HDD can be recognized correctly but will report a size of 0 bytes; HDD report SMART errors on boot, etc.

If your HDD’s problem is caused by PCB malfunction, you need swap PCB.

1. How to find a matching PCB

For Seagate HDD/Western Digital HDD/Samsung HDD, just need the donor PCB has the same board number as yours.


* Seagate Hard Drive PCB Swap


* Western Digital Hard Drive PCB Swap


* Samsung Hard Drive PCB Swap

For Maxtor PCB, just need the donor PCB has the same Main Controller IC as yours.


* Maxtor Hard Drive PCB Swap

For Hitachi PCB If the PCB is Hitachi PCB, 3.5″ PCB, please send your PCB’s photo (the side with chips) to us. We need to check it shape. Also please advise the number on the Main Controller IC, as below photo:


* Hitachi 3.5′” Hard Drive PCB Swap

Hitachi 2.5″ PCB, Please offer the first two lines numbers on the white label, as the below photo:


* Hitachi 2.5′” Hard Drive PCB Swap

2. Before PCB Swap you should know:

1. Most PCB’s BIOS chip(ROM Chip) store the unique information. We need change the BIOS form original PCB to replacement PCB, in order to make the replacement PCB compatible with the HDD.  The 8pins (4 pins on each sides) with 25P05VP、25P10VP、25F512、25F1024、25F1024AN、SST25VF512、SST25VF010, etc. are the BIOS Chip.

Tips: Most of the TV/Phone Repair Shop can offer these services for just $5-%20


* Hard Drive PCB Swap: Change BIOS Chip, Main Chip

2. Some PCB don’t have separate BIOS. The BIOS be integrated on the Main Controller IC(The biggest chip on the board, also named Main Chip). We should exchange the Main Controller IC to let the HDD be recognized.

3. How to change PCB’s BIOS/Main Chip:


* Hard Drive PCB ROM/Main Chip Swap Tool


* Remove the ROM chip from the original pcb



* Solder the ROM chip to the replacement pcb

Note: Chang Main Controller IC is similar as change BIOS. Need you have more patience and do it more carefully. If you think these operations are too difficult, you can find your local AV/TV repair shop help you.

5. Hard Drive PCB Supplier:

HDDZone.com (Seagate, Western Digital, Samsung, Maxtor PCB Boards with free shipping)