How to Best Utilize a Computer Backup Program

Tips For Best Utilizing a Computer Backup Program“We needed a reliable backup program in case of unrecoverable Microsoft Windows crashes, lost laptops, damaged hard drives or virus outbreaks,” said Hans Vermaak, project lead, Xerox Corporation. “Our employees said they want a computer backup program to protect their work as it operates in the background, a program that has no effect on laptop performance and that they can retrieve backup files rapidly from any point in the past.” Now this is a reasonable favor asked questions by no less than a huge company like Xerox.

Most of today’s backup options are server-based and are bound to certain limitations and these are what should be surpassed by a computer backup to consider it valuable. Iphones, notebooks, netbooks, and laptops may not be compatible with some of these tools. Given this fact, maximum performance may not be guaranteed under some circumstances. Undoubtedly, you should have a backup system that will do the process of saving without having to interfere with your work and while maintaining the maximum protection available.

In recent surveys 73 percent of laptop users cite “intrusive backups” as a major obstacle to their productivity. One of the things you can be sure of, if your employees have issues with their laptop’s performance because of the computer backup program they will do everything they can not to use it. Find a computer backup program where backups occur as a background process, require no user intervention and have no effect on laptop performance.

Another advancement has been initiated by the data backup pioneer company, Druva, and it is called Druva inSync 4.1 Enterprise. Amazingly, this backup program features a major improvement in the industry in the form of a very quick, almost instant backup procedure for laptops in as much as 10 times the normal speed of other programs. Even more, you can easily recover your files or backup in just one click. The program even provides 100% accurate and deduplicated copies of your file data.

This backup program will also benefit the IT department of each company. Not only does it speed up backup process ten times the normal, it also makes use of just a server to store data after they have been duly deduplicated.  Because of this, there are ten times more users who can be served as compared to other options. Given this, businesses are able to save on storage costs and maximize income. Now you can avoid loss of intellectual assets in the form of files that have been saved in individual laptops because everything else is shared with the whole company.