To RAID-0 or Not To RAID-0

I was thinking about going down the RAID road with my rig and was wondering what people think is best RAID-0 or RAID 0+1(This is what i was thinking) or is there a better option advice would be well recived befor i go spend £150 on 3 more new drives to make the 4 needed for 0+1 and could you tell me how RAID 0+1 and RAID 1+0/10 differ please.

As was said up, it’s necessary to know the application before accurate advice can be given. RAID 0 will benefit you in database access, huge spreadsheets, video editing, CAD rendering and a few other specialized apps. For everybody else, all its going to do for you is getting you bragging rights for good benchmark scores.


If you need data redundancy, and in reality who doesn’t, RAID 1 is a viable solution. For most data control situations an NAS presents a very convenient alternative and it easily performs the same job for multiple boxes. All data can be kept on the NAS with images of a standard “programs drive” as well as individual boot drives for each machine on the network, making cold metal restores a cinch. Many proprietary RAID formats will even allow ya to do rebuilds and expansions on the fly via “Hot Swap”. It’s also rather “portable” and the joke in my SOHO is that in case of fire, I can grab the NAS handle and run …. and after the data is safe come back in for the any employees, wife, kids, etc.

If your concern is only “one box”, RAID 1 provides data redundancy…..but so do other alternatives …. i.e. tape / optical, cloud backups …… RAID 0 , again unless you have specialized applications, will serve no observable benefit other than nice benchmark scores.