WD Backup Does Not Backup Certain Office 2007 Files?

WD Backup Does Not Backup Certain Office 2007 Files?WD Backup skips or does not backup certain Office 2007 file formats. These file formats include the following file extensions:

Word: .docx/.docm/.dotx/.dotm
Excel: .xlsx/.xlsm/.xltx/.xltm/.xlsb/.xlam
PowerPoint: .pptx/.pptm/.potx/.potm/.ppam/.ppsx/.ppsm/.sldx/.sldm/.thmx

This issue is caused by the added 4th letter of the file extension. WD Backup does not have native support for its basic backup configuration to backup these types of files.

To resolve this issue, you can manually add these file formats into the WD Backup configuration profile so that WD Backup will backup these files. You cna follow the directions below to add specific file formats to the WD Backup utility’s configuration.

  1. Open WD Backup from the Start menu or Shortcut Icon on your desktop.
  2. Click on Options and then click on Options again.
  3. Click on the Advanced Backup and then click on the Add New Format… button.
  4. Insert the file extension and file description into the respective fields and then click on the OK button. Repeat this step for all desired file extensions if necessary.
    Click on the OK button to save the changes.

Important: This article applies only to the older WD Backup software, and not the WD Anywhere Backup or WD SmartWare software that comes on more modern hard drives. Please verify you have WD Backup and not WD Anywhere Backup or WD SmartWare before following these instructions.