WD drives compatible with Windows 7

image Western Digital’s close working relationship with Microsoft allowed them to take advantage of the features of Windows 7 to provide customers with full compatibility and a seamless, user-friendly experience. Western Digital’s currently shipping desktop and mobile internal drive and direct-attach external drives are certified to be Windows 7 compatible.

External Drives:

My Book Elite  My Book Essential  My Book Studio Edition II

My Book Studio  My Book Mirror Edition  My Passport Elite

My Passport Essential  My Passport Essential SE  WD Elements Desktop

WD Elements Portable  My Book World Edition (White Light)

My Book World Edition II (White Light)  My Passport Studio  My Book 3.0

Internal Drives:

WD VelociRaptor 2.5-inch  WD VelociRaptor 3.5-inch (backplane-ready)

WD VelociRaptor 3.5-inch (SATA cable connect)  WD RE4-GP

WD RE3  WD Caviar Black  WD Caviar Blue  WD Caviar Green

WD Scorpio Blue  WD AV  WD AV-GP

External drives are perfect for upgrading or migrating to Window 7

Back up first
For safety … because stuff happens … use an external drive to back up your data before starting the upgrade or migration.

Plenty of room for a smooth transfer
Although Windows Easy Transfer works with thumb drives and CD’s, an external drive gives you plenty of space to assure a smooth transfer to your new Windows 7 system.

Back up always!
When you’re done with the upgrade, make the external drive your back up drive and always keep your data backed up.