Data Recovery Training: Training Courses And Price

Data Recovery Training Courses And PriceWith data recovery training, You will learn the fundamentals of hardware data recovery which will enable you to properly diagnose dead drives and bring them back to life. You will also learn logical recovery for Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, RAID arrays, Exchange server and even solid state flash NAND drives!

This class does not rely on you purchasing an expensive tool (such as the PC-3000) to perform data recovery.

Total Hands-On Lab Environment in Data Recovery Training:
This Data Recovery Training neatly meshes the skills required in order to recover lost data. Some of the attention-grabbing lectures and hands-on lab exercises you will do during the class:

  • Logical Recovery of disabled hard drives
  • Using file format recognition tools
  • Logical recovery via avoiding BIOS interrupts
  • Motions that unlock the actuator of a drive
  • Diagnosing the physical recovery of drives
  • Comparing pre-recorded sound samples to live drives
  • Logic board replacements
  • Single and Multi-Platter Swaps
  • Head Assembly replacement
  • P-List and G-List recovery
  • Addressing SMART values
  • Dealing with damaged sectors
  • Reverse scanning
  • Capturing SID protected folders
  • Resolving kernel or driver issues with a Linux bootable disk
  • Head Stack replacement
  • Working with the Service Area (SA) of a drive
  • Reviewing data structures with a Hex Editor
  • Diagnosing “clicking noises”
  • Mac OS X Data Recovery
  • Linux Data Recovery
  • RAID 0 Recovery & RAID 5 Recovery
  • Vista and Recovery of Shadow Copies
  • Clearing passwords on a password protected drive
  • Solid state drive recovery
  • Firmware issues

With Data Recovery training, you will gain the skills to propel yourself to being one of the top data recovery engineers on the market today.

Comprehensive Course Package Includes::

  • 5 Days of Data Recovery Training Instruction
  • Guaranteed small class size, you get an intimate learning setting not offered at any of computer forensics competitors.
  • Hands-on instruction from 8:30am to 6pm every day.
  • All meals, snacks and refreshments included.
  • 3-5 hard drives for use in class
  • Lecture, Lab Exercise and Text book.
  • Data Recovery Toolkit, includes all software used in class.
  • Certified Data Recovery Professional (CDRP) Exam Voucher

Required Prerequisites:

  • Firm understanding of the Windows Operating System
  • Firm understanding of computer hardware
  • Attendees can be anyone involved in the recovery of information assets: information security officers and managers, network administrators, Windows administrators.

Training Price:

5 Day Course
Total Before Discount: $4,545.00
Discount: $720.00
Your Total: $3825.00