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Low Cost Data Recovery Services in Atlanta by experts in data retrieval of hard drives, USB, FireWire, flash, RAID, NAS, and other storage devices.

Whether you’ve lost critical business or personal data, Data Savers, LLC can help to recover your important information quickly and affordably. They have success with recovering Windows® and Macintosh® data and Novell® partitions, as well as USB pen drives, RAID’s, SSD’s, and other media. Please note that there are no diagnostic or evaluation fees.

Data Savers data recovery is one of Western Digitals original data recovery partners.

Data Savers Data Recovery Services & Prices:

  • Other Tech Services – $80 per hour, half hour increments
    Recovery costs include recovering data from a bad hard drive, file reconstruction, and loading the data onto a known good target drive. These prices are based on working with a bare hard drive. Many of our clients like to have additional services completed along with the recovery, especially the removal and replacement of hard drives on laptops or iMacs.
  • Not Making a Bad Situation Worse – Lab Fee $100-$150
    For some extreme Level B scenarios, we cannot save the data; in these unfortunate cases the data is gone. For these situations, even though we have done all of the usual work required of a Level B recovery, we only charge a modest Lab Fee of $100 for drives under 2TB, and $150 for drives 2TB and larger.  Drives that have already been opened by another data recovery service are also subject to the lab fee.
  • Front of the Line & Weekend Service – Immediate Expedite $250-$500
    Let us know on your work order if we need to diagnose the possibility of expediting your recovery. The expedite fee gets you front of the line, evening, and weekend service, but that does not necessarily mean the recovery will finish sooner than our regular turn around time. Sometimes hard drives take a while, and we do not want you to have the expectation that an expedite fee will speed up the process. If your drive turns out not to be a good candidate for expedited service, there is no additional charge.
  • More Advanced Hard Drive Configurations – RAID and NAS
    RAIDs are devices that use multiple hard drives to act as one storage device, and have a multitude of possible configurations that can make recovery a very time-consuming process. Generally these require a custom quote, but as a rule of thumb, each drive will require a Level A or Level B recovery independently, plus a RAID reconstruction fee for each member of the RAID. Because of the considerable amount of time that must be invested, the reconstruction fee is non-refundable. Network Attached Storage (NAS) drives, such as the Apple Time Capsule and Western Digital My Book World Edition, connect to a network for sharing storage among multiple computers, and these can come in single drive or multi-drive configurations similar to a RAID. Due to how they require additional configuration for your home or office network, we can not transfer recovered data back to a NAS.
  Flash Media Under 500GB 500GB-1TB 1.5TB-2TB 3TB 4TB
A $99-$299 $349 $449 $549 $649 $849
B $199-$399 $649 $749 $849 $1049 $1349

Our Guarantee: We get your data back.

In most cases, we are able to recover greater than 99% of the raw data on your drive. If we are unable to retrieve any data, you don’t pay the full rate.