Data Storage to Be Priority in 2012 – KeepItSafe

Data Storage,KeepItSafeThe storage, securement, access and management of growing volumes of information will mark 2012 within the technology sector, handled online backup and disaster recovery services provider KeepItSafe forecasts.

This rise in the quantity of data does mean using USB stays for data storage will decrease as companies be conscious of the potential risks that may include while using products.

USB sticks are small , portable, and therefore they are able to easily finish up lost or stolen. Research because of it security and data protection company Sophos also says two-thirds of 50 USB stays available on Australian trains and buses were have contracted adware and spyware and contained unencrypted details about their former proprietors.

Therefore, KeepItSafe stated, the virtualisation of servers and desktop computers increases as companies will have to adjust their storage systems to support the growing quantity of data they produce.

“It is impossible for service companies to carry on to handle storage needs with traditional local storage, this can pressure natural evolution to disaster-recovery solutions and data backup towards the cloud. This change won’t be viewed among large businesses but additionally among SMBs. stated Eoin Blacklock, controlling director, KeepItSafe.

“All companies will have to look for flexible, scalable and affordable storage options that may grow using their companies, putting data support high on the diary for 2012.”

Tape has become progressively hard to rely on and it is receding of favour with lots of organisations, Blacklock added.

Technology research and advisory firm Gartner discovered that 71pc of backup tape reinstates fail.

The escape from tape may also benefit companies financially, based on EMC Ireland?¡¥s country manager Jason Ward.

“Companies and public-sector organisations can significantly spend less and be slimmer by eliminating tape, that is cumbersome and susceptible to security breaches,” Ward stated.