Portable Backup Drives Certified to Hold 12TB

Portable Backup Drives,12TB,RAIDHighly Reliable Systems lately certified 4TB drives to be used within their RAIDPac detachable drives. Each RAIDPac consists of 3 SATA drives along with a RAID controller, supplying 12TB of detachable storage in each bay from the RAIDFrame backup solution.

Highly Reliable Systems of Reno, NV introduced their RAIDFrame DAS (Direct Attached Storage) backup system will support Hitachi and Seagate 4TB hard disk drives once they ship (expected first quarter of 2012). In RAID0 mode each RAIDPac holds 12TB of information, which makes it the earth’s biggest detachable backup cartridge. A RAIDPac consists of 3 drives as well as an integrated controller that travels using the backup cartridge. The machine attaches straight to a fileserver or NAS having a single eSATA or USB 3. cable

The organization intends to to produce niche NAS with detachable drive support according to Ubuntu Linux within the first quarter of 2012. The RAIDFrame will come in 1 bay, 2 bay, and 5 bay enclosures. The Two bay systems (pictured) allow further redundancy by permitting two RAIDPacs to become shown a configuration the organization calls “RAID 51”. Using hardware automatic reflecting technology implies that changing inside a new RAIDPac initiates one more block level copy from the primary backup. The RAIDFrame is made for high capacity and rapid server recovery and offers a method to supplement or replace cloud and/or tape methods.

RAIDPacs could be set up with RAID0 for optimum speed or with RAID5 to safeguard against single drive failures. Once the Seagate and Hitachi 4TB drives ship they’ll increase RAIDPac capabilities to 12TB/8TB (RAID0/5). Based on Tom Hoops, the organization CTO, no special motorists are essential since each RAIDPac sometimes appears through the host system like a single detachable hard disk. Unlike tapes a RAIDPac could be utilized directly in desperate situations with no RAIDFrame enclosure. Additionally towards the standard self-centering connector created for daily swap within the RAIDFrame, each RAIDPac has standard SATA and USB3 connections around the back.

Redundancy is accomplished using RAID5 and/or by reflecting to a different RAIDPac. By utilizing multiple tubes (just like tapes – a replacement every day in rotation), past full backup copies could be maintained with time. The whole line continues to be upgraded to permit faster RAID5, faster reflecting, and software management. Backup and restore performance surpasses 400Gigabytes each hour using imaging software on modern servers.

Highly Reliable Systems sells the merchandise through merchants. 6TB RAIDPacs (that contains three 2TB drives and RAID controller) are $1208 MSRP.

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