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ACE Data Group Announced Strategic Partnership With Dell

ACE Data Group, LLC, today announced that they have entered into a strategic partnership with Dell(www.dell.com). The partnership allows Dell support agents to recommend Data Recovery Services for any media recovery needs their customers may have. This expands the range of services Dell can offer their customers and greatly increases the level of customer satisfaction.

While most hardware manufacturers warranties only cover replacement of failed hardware and not data recovery, …

Fujitsu Data Recovery Services

Data loss can result from many causes. These can include virus attacks, system malfunction, or human error in the handling or installation of the drive. Fujitsu highly recommends that users take standard measures to protect their data, the most important of which are frequent and regular backups, and diagnostic checks of your drives.

The list of Data Recovery Companies below are recognized by FCPA. If you utilize one of these …

Hard Disk Data Recovery Tips

Hard Disk Data Recovery Before you venture into hard disk data recovery business, it is necessary to know the causes of hard disk failure. The causes can be either logical failture, or electrical failture or mechanical failture.

Logical causes include problems with the boot sector of the hard drive which leads to non-booting of Windows. In this case, you would be able to you’re your computer from another disk. You can then investigate if…

Does Western Digital Perform Or Provide Data Recovery Services?

western digital data recovery service Western Digital will stand behind the warranty that is supplied with the defective hard drive. If your drive is still within its warranty period, the drive can be replaced through Western Digital RMA Process.

We apologize, but Western Digital does not perform data recovery services.

You may however use one of Western Digital’s authorized data recovery service companies. In order to retain the warranty of the defective hard drive, you …

How to become an authorized data recovery service company for Western Digital?

Western Digital periodically reviews and updates its data recovery partner list. In order to be considered for placement on this list, you can mail a corporate overview and fact sheet along with information on your data recovery services to the following address:

Western Digital Data Recovery Partner Program 1 Morgan Irvine, CA 92618

Your company will be contacted if the opportunity arises to update our current list of preferred Western …

Does Seagate Perform Or Provide Data Recovery Services?

Data on a disk drive may become inaccessible either by simple corruption or by physical damage.  In the case of data corruption, the disk drive hardware is in perfect working order and is as reliable as it should be.  However, the data has become corrupted by a fault usually caused by the system memory, or the operating system or even improper shut down.  In the case of physical damage to …