ACE Data Group Announced Strategic Partnership With Dell

ACE Data Group, LLC, today announced that they have entered into a strategic partnership with Dell( The partnership allows Dell support agents to recommend Data Recovery Services for any media recovery needs their customers may have. This expands the range of services Dell can offer their customers and greatly increases the level of customer satisfaction.

While most hardware manufacturers warranties only cover replacement of failed hardware and not data recovery, Dell is now well positioned to offer a comprehensive data recovery service for all of its commercial products. As the authority in the recovery industry, Data Recovery Services has provided reliable and cost effective solutions serving a global market for over 30 years. DRS facilities are cutting edge and staffed with the finest personnel from engineering to customer service. Data Recovery Services represents the best choice for Dell customers.

“Even the best equipment on the planet, such as Dell, can fail or become inaccessible due to natural disasters, power surges, failed hard drives and human error. This is where the DRS-Dell partnership comes into play to support Dell’s customers to the fullest.”says Data Recovery Services General Manager Don Wells.

Laptops and notebook computers take a lot of abuse, and with todays mobile technology, more and more critical data is being stored on these devices every day. Because they are often carried about and exposed to different environmental factors such as heat, water and dust, laptops and notebook computers are far more susceptible to data loss and became a subject for data recovery than their desktop counterparts.

“Our RAID data recovery technologies are unparalleled in the industry, and we have dedicated resources to support exactly what Dell customers would require. With the quality of Dell products and our experience and knowledge, this partnership has created a true, full circle of support.” continued Mr. Wells

More and more corporations, and even small businesses, move to the cloud and virtual environments with comprehensive replication and backup. But no RAID or cloud setup is immune to data loss, and even the best configured systems can still fail due to power surges or human error. Replication, for example, does not protect against accidental deletion of critical data because this operation will be replicated. Unfortunately, backup infrastructure and planning is not failure-proof itself and can be affected by data loss in the same ways current storage systems can. Also, many backups are not done “on the fly”, meaning a part of the important data may not have been backed-up in the time window when the data loss happened. This piece of information may be critical for business itself, not to mention possible compliance and regulatory issues of sensitive data.

ACE Data Group CEO, Charles Walker, regards the Dell partnership as a major goal for the future direction of the company, “This partnership is critical to our objective of being the number one data recovery and computer forensic service provider. We truly appreciate Dell’s confidence in our ability to not only solve complex recovery issues, but to also increase customer satisfaction and loyalty”.

About ACE Data Group LLC
ACE Data Group LLC, provider of computer forensic and data recovery services to customers all over the world. Since 1981, Data Recovery Services has worked with every type of media including HDD, SSD, RAID, SAN, NAS, flash drives, and tapes. For additional information visit their website at: or call at 877-304-7189.

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