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PC-3000 for SCSI

PC-3000 for SCSIPC-3000 for SCSI is a first-to-market professional hardware-software solution for testing, diagnosing the failures and recovering data from Hard Disk Drives with SCSI and SAS interfaces in tandem with Data Extractor SCSI.

SAS (Serial Attached SCSI) are supported. SCSI-2, Ultra SCSI, Ultra2 SCSI, Ultra 160 SCSI, Ultra 320 SCSI is supported.…

The features of Pirated PC3000 PCI

PC3000 PCIPC3000 PCI version, this Pirated product will not perform or functions:

1). Product will run a while with limited functionality and after a while it will stop working due to DATE/TIME, hard disk with bad sectors, any changes to the G-LIST will make the card unusable.

2). Certain functions will not work properly, often hang or crashes, Hard disk that comes with PC3000 PCI cloned must be Maxtor 4D040H2 or 6Y080L types, imagine these drives have full potential of breaking down, they purposely use these type of HDD so they can sell more pirated PC3000 PCI cloned.…

HDD Repair Tools: PC 3000 VS HD Doctor Suite

1. HD Doctor Suite (SalvationDATA Technology, LLC. China)

SalvationDATA HD Doctor Drive Restoration Suite is an integrated hardware-software combined system that fixes firmware issues for drives of all major manufacturers and popular drive families.

By using HD Doctors and our software suite, you can have 50 percent more capability in data recovery, thus have 50 percent more business, which makes you “a professional”.…