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How To Protect Your Computer From Viruses?

What is a computer virus and how do you get one?

Computer VirusesIf you depend on the information stored on your personal computer, you need to understand how computer viruses spread, and you should use anti-virus software to reduce the chance that a computer virus will infect your programs and files.

A computer virus is a program that makes copies of itself and infects files. Computer viruses can spread to other …

Top 10 worst computer viruses (Sasser & I Love You)

2. Sasser Shaun Nichols: Just how much damage can a virus do? Well, take the Sasser worm as one example. This relatively simple little attack managed to cripple airlines, news agencies and even knocked out government systems.

Perhaps most frustrating, however, was that Sasser infection was very easy to prevent. The vulnerability which the attack exploited had been patched for months, and all users had to do was install the …

Top 10 worst computer viruses (Nimda & MyDoom)

Computer Viruses4. Nimda Iain Thomson: A week after the 11 September atrocities a new virus hit the internet in a big way. Nimda was one of the fastest propagating viruses in history, going from nowhere to become the most common virus online in 22 minutes, according to some reports.

The reason for this speed was that Nimda used every trick in the book to spread itself. It used email, open network …

Top 10 worst computer viruses (Storm & Melissa)

worst computer viruses6. Storm Shaun Nichols: Before Conficker came around and got everyone worked into a lather, Storm was the big bad botnet on the block. First appearing in early 2007 as a fake news video on European flooding, the Storm malware menaced users for more than a year.

The huge botnet was also influential for its continued use of social engineering tactics. The malware disguised itself as everything from video files …

Top 10 worst computer viruses (Conficker & ExploreZip)

computer viruses8. Conficker Shaun Nichols: The global catastrophe that wasn’t, the third form of the Conficker attack provided nice theatrics but little in the way of actual damage.

The premise was pretty simple: Conficker.C would spread to as many machines as possible throughout March. Each infected machine was given a huge list of domains, one of which would be contacted by 1 April.

The deadline made all the difference. Now, Conficker …

Top 10 worst computer viruses (Part Two)

10. Elk Cloner Iain Thomson: Elk Cloner was written by a 15-year old high school student called Rich Skrenta as a practical joke. Unfortunately for him the joke turned bad very quickly.

The virus was developed for the Apple II system and was a boot sector virus that spread via floppy discs. Apparently Skrenta was a fan of pirated games and would swap them with his friends, sometimes with little …